2-Shot Overmolding 

Overmolding is an injection molding process where two materials are molded together. Types of overmolding include two-shot sequential overmolding, multi-shot injection molding or insert overmolding.

Two-shot sequential overmolding is where the molding machine injects the first material into a closed cavity, and then moves the mold or cores to create a second cavity, using the first component as an insert for the second shot using a different material.

Multi-shot injection molding injects multiple materials into the cavity during the same molding cycle.

Insert overmolding uses a pre-molded insert placed into the mold before injecting the second material.


02 2shot 1

02 2shot 2

1st Shot

2nd Shot





02 2shot 3


3D 2-shot Flow Rear Door Pistol Grip