About Us

Over the past 25 years CAE Services has served many clients and been a part of thousands of projects; however what makes our company unique can be something different to each person reading about us. For some, it might be our outstanding Executive Leadership, for others it may be the unchallenged expertise of our certified engineers and modeling team, or even the sales and marketing team that have the easiest job in the world promoting CAE Services and working with so many loyal clients.

CAE Services maintains a unique position in the marketplace in that it is able to provide both a product and a service that are critical to the plastic injection molding industry.



The "Service" we provide - MoldFlow® Analysis

CAE Services has become North America's premier provider of MoldFlow® Analysis services. This title was not achieved by analysis alone...the value we provide to our customers goes beyond simulation analysis. We provide solutions. Solutions in part design, material selection, gate size/location, cooling and warp related issues. Please view the CAPABILITIES drop down menu for more detailed information on our analysis services.


The "Product" we provide - Mold-Vacmoldvac

The Mold-Vac is unique product that was introduced as a solution to solve various entrapment issues that all injection molders will eventually face. This stand-alone product has been unmatched in the industry in solving part quality issues such as; part burn, short shots, voids, and cosmetic defects. Other benefits include reduced cycle time and decreased rejection rates. Please visit the Mold-Vac page inside the Capabilities section of our site for more detailed information on the different models of the Mold-Vac.

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