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  • Webinar 08/21/2015

    Free Webinar,Don't Miss It!
    'Why Plastic Parts Warp'

    Thursday, Oct. 29th 
    2pm ET/11am PT

    One of the most frustrating aspects of injection molding is that despite all of its benefits, many plastics have a nasty habit of warping. In this webinar, CAE Services’ Director of Engineering, Tim Lankisch, will help the attendee understand how the manufacture of plastic parts affects their final shape. Specifically, you will learn:

    • The primary causes of warpage

    • The relationship between part & mold design and warpage

    • The relationship between processing, material properties, and warpage

    • The role of simulation in reducing warpage


    timPresenter: Tim Lankisch has been an employee of CAE Services Corporation for over twenty years. For the last fifteen years, he has served as Engineering Manager or Director of Engineering. CAE Services has been the leading supplier of injection molding simulation services in North America since its founding in 1988.

    Tim graduated with a B.S. in Physics and A.A. in Mathematics from Thomas More College, and pursued a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kentucky. He is Expert Certified in Autodesk Simulation Moldflow and leads a team of seven other Expert Certified Engineers. His current interests are in performing correlation studies in various facets of injection molding as they relate to Moldflow.

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  • CAE Services Announcement 04/30/2015

    CAE Services crosses borders . . . Welcome Mike McBride!

    ambassador bridge 2CAE Services is excited to announce the addition of Mike Mcbride to our engineering team. Following in his father's footsteps, McBride ventured into the plastics industry in 1978. Mike has experience from a number of mold shops in the Windsor area as a mold designer, mold maker, and more recently as a Moldflow analyst. 

  • Low cost Analysis 06/04/2014

    low cost analysisWhen a Simple Moldflow Analysis will do!

    Bronze analysis starting at $1,000! Same day results!

    Need to confirm gate location . . .  not concerned with cycle times or part warpage. . . on a limited budget? Our budget conscious Bronze level determines whether or not your part will fill. Gate size, location, and clamp tonnage predictions are included.

    Economically priced . . . Exceptional Value!

    Simple to complex part designs, with pricing for any budget, call us today 630.761.9898 to see how we can save you time & money!

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