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History / Description


As we continue to look to the future and strive to both increase our expertise and better serve our customers, we invite you to look at our history...it is the best way to see how we value each of our customers.


CAE Services

CAE Services began as a division of AEC. In 1988, an opportunity was presented to separate from AEC and begin what is now CAE Services Corporation, the leader in Moldflow® analysis consulting services.

CAE Services opened its first office in Bloomingdale, IL on May 8, 1988. Over the next nine years CAE Services defied the odds by thriving and increasing profitability year after year.

After nine years in Bloomingdale, CAE designed and built a facility in Batavia, IL where it has been headquartered since November of 1995. A key part of the new facility was an industry first Technology Center. The CAE Services Tech Center boasts various peripheral equipment and up to three molding machines which range from 67 to 500 tons. Please visit the FACILITIES page for more information on our TECH CENTER.

Additional facts about CAE Services, Inc.:

  • Commitment to our Core Values
  • Debt free since 1988
  • Loyal staff that continues to grow
  • Long lasting client relationships
  • The same ownership and management team since 1988