Moldflow Adviser Premium



Moldflow Adviser Ultimate



Moldflow Insight Standard



Moldflow Insight Premium


Moldflow Insight Ultimate

 At A Glance

  • Analyze manufacturability of your design
  • Evaluate the presence of air traps and weld lines

  • 3D analysis for parts with varying thickness

  • Includes Moldflow Adviser Premium, plus:
  • Mold filling, packing, and cooling guidance

  • Causes of warpage

  • Fiber orientation

  • Runner balancing and cavity layout

  • In-depth simulation of plastic injection molding 

  • Polymer flow, mold cooling, and part warpage prediction

  • Meshing and process parameter controls

  • Includes Moldflow Insight Standard, plus:

  • Simultaneous solving capacity

  • Advanced mold heating and cooling processes

  • Process optimization

  • Includes Moldflow Insight Premium, plus:

  • Simulation for specialized molding processes

  • Optical performance prediction

 Solver capacity

Simultaneous local solving (max) Unlimited Unlimited 1 3 3
Cloud solving     X X X


Dual Domain X X X X X
3D X X X X X
Midplane     X X X

 CAD interoperability

CAD solid models X X X X X
Parts X X X X X
Assemblied     X X X

 Simulation advisers

Design advice X X      
Design adviser X X      
Result adviser X X      
Cost adviser X X      

 Simulation capabilities

Filling X X X X X
Sink marks, air traps, and weld lines X X X X X
Molding window X X X X X
Gate location X X X X X
Shared views (requires active Moldflow Subscription) X X X X X
Packing   X X X X
Cooling   X X X X
Warpage   X X X X
Fiber orientation   X X X X
Cold and hot runners   X X X X
Runner balancing   X X X X
Valve Gates     X X X
Venting analysis     X X X
Insert overmolding     X X X
In-mold label     X X X
Two-shot overmolding     X X X
Core shift     X X X
Transient mold cooling or heating     X X X
Crystallization analysis       X X
Design of experiments (DOE)       X X
Conformal cooling       X X
Rapid temperature cycling       X X
Induction heating       X X
Heating elements       X X
Wire sweep, paddle shift       X X

 Molding processes

Thermoplastics injection molding X X X X X
Reaction injection molding     X X X
Resin transfer molding (RTM) and structural reaction injection molding (SRIM)     X X X
Rubber, liquid silicone injection molding     X X X
Multi-barrel reactive molding     X X X
Thermoplastics overmolding     X X X
Powder injection molding (PIM)     X X X
Coolant flow analysis     X X X
Microchip encapsulation       X X
Underfill encapsulation       X X
Thermoplastics injection-compression molding         X
Thermoplastics injection-compression overmolding         X
Reactive injection-compression molding         X
Thermoplastics compression overmolding         X
Reactive compression molding         X
Gas-assisted injection molding         X
Microcellular injection molding with and without core back         X
Co-injection molding         X
Bi-injection molding         X
Multi-barrel thermoplastic injection molding         X
Chemical Blowing Agent (CBA)         X
Birefringence         X


Thermoplastic materials X X X X X
Thermoset materials     X X X
Molding machines     X X X
Coolant materials X X X X X
Mold materials X X X X X

 Software interoperability

Autodesk Helius PFA (Advanced Material Exchange)     X X X
Autodesk Nastran (FEA)     X X X
Abaqus (FEA)     X X X
CODE V (Birefringence)       X X
Autodesk VRED (defect visualization) X X X X X
Elysium CADdoctor for Autodesk Moldflow X X X X X

 Included software and services

Autodesk Helius PFA (requires active Moldflow Insight Ultimate Subscription)         X
Autodesk Moldflow Communicator     X X X
Autodesk Fusion 360 (requires active Moldflow or Fusion 360 Subscription)     X X X
Autodesk Vault     X X X
Autodesk Moldflow Design X X      









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