Project Portfolio

In order to demonstrate the broad scope of projects CAE Services has taken on through it's 25 years, we have put together a few examples of our work. Regardless the complexity of your mold or part design, we have the necessary experience to identify & solve the most challenging molding problems.

Backplate Flow Balance     6 Drop Analysis (Rear Tub)

Tool Info:
Single cavity, 3 plate, 5 pin gates

Objectives Met: Evaluate the material conditions 
at the knit lines formed using the existing gating 
configuration and process. Evaluate various other
gating configurations to reduce/eliminate the
formation of visible knit lines.

Tool Info:
 Single Cavity, Six Hot Drop

Objectives Met: Successfully optimized the manifold 
to improve pressure balance 
and optimize processing 
conditions using the gate locations provided.





cap analysis 3D

Tool Info: 32 Cavity, hot manifold

Objectives Met: Determine if a direct gate on the top of the part will result in trapped air in the thin membrane area.

Recommend an appropriate set of processing conditions.