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  • Analyst Qualifications 09/11/2015

    Thinking of Buying Software?

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    Check out the Analyst Qualifications

    A tool is only as good as it's user. At it's best Moldflow is a very powerful tool in the right hands. At it's worst, it is a bunch of pretty pictures that can quickly turn a mold into a worthless boat anchor.

    A good analyst should have the following characteristics:

    • Degreed Engineer - professionals with this type of background have a knowledge base in finite element methods, along with a background in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and materials.  They are also schooled in scientific methods, where it is critical to understand cause/effect as it applies to controlling variables


    • Molding Background - Knowledge in how the world of simulation relates to the production environment is critical to providing real-world processing & tooling recommendations


    • Certified - Engineers using simulation tools should be certified at the highest level,  ensuring best practices are utilized


    • Experienced - Analyst should have 3-5 years of experience running the software so that they can understand its strengths and limitations.


    • Excellent Communicator - It’s one thing to come up with a solution, it’s another to communicate those results to others. Communication between the analyst and client should be clear and consise.

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  • Tech Tip: Moldflow Analysis Overview 08/04/2015

    Just about everyone in the plastics injection molding industry has either heard of flow analysis, or seen it done.  We've all heard it generically referred to as a moldflow.  "Let's get a moldflow done", or "What did the moldflow say?" are things you may have heard on any given project. 

    moldflow screenWell, what exactly is a moldflow?  Most people refer to it as a computer simulation performed to predict the flow of plastic in an injection mold, which can be used to make mold design decisions, or to solve an existing molding problem.  But did you know that a moldflow can actually simulate much more than that?  Moldflow simulation can predict all phases of the injection molding process, including flow, pack, and cooling.  It can even predict the warped shape of the part based on all of those inputs from the process.  Not only that, but other types of simulation can be done - thermoset, co-injection, injection-compression, gas assist, and two-shot.

    Getting a Moldflow analysis performed has helped thousands of OEMs, Moldmakers, Molders, and Part Designers produce thousands of better quality injection molded parts more efficiently. Just be sure to have your projects handled by Experienced/Certified Moldflow Analysts in order to receive the most accurate results from the software.

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